Injecție de gel în articulație

injecție de gel în articulație

We cannot ignore the pain. Thank you for your involvement.

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De ce sa te doara cand poti sa previi? Soluție injectabilă într-o seringă preumplută.

Injectare în genunchi gel artrozic

Did you know that 1 out of 10 people aged over 50 present bone pain and severe disablement, meaning arthrosis? Arthrosis is a disease in which the cartilage that protects and covers the joint bones' surfaces damages itself and, as time passes, if those bones are not separated by this cartilage they will start rubbing against each other thus causing a terrible pain but also physical disablement and invalidity.

injecție de gel în articulație

For the patients diagnosed with arthrosis we recommend of viscoelastic injections ORTHOFLEX forte That is the reason why we should be informed about this problem so that we can prevent complications which might lead to surgical interventions and even to leg prosthesis.

The quantity and quality of the HA in the synovial fluid are reduced in the patient who have osteoarthritis because its synthesis by the synovial and cartilage cell is disturbed.

injecție de gel în articulație

The protection of particular surfaces thus is strongly alteredthe cartilage becomes vulnerable and exposed to structural degradations due to the forces of friction and compression. Orthoflex forte relieves joint pain improves articular mobility and protects cartilage.

injecție de gel în articulație

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